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February 22, 2011


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I will check her PBS show out - maybe she can get me "in the mood" too!

I LOVE the 80-something's discovery of your "prescription". I suspect that many 80-something's need to learn how to be joyful; I know my mom does! She cannot see to read the book, but I am reading it to her! Thanks, Ruth!

Ruth R. Williams, LCSW

Margaret and I (wink!) have been exercising together for a while. Here in middle TN she comes on at 5:30am. The more I do it, the more I enjoy doing it!! I appreciate your comments. Many thanks for stopping by.


moderation. the key for this 62 year old hippie.

Ruth R. Williams, LCSW

I've been experiencing "moderation" of a sort myself these last few weeks...I haven't been meeting with my 5:30am gal as much as I had. Hopefully, we'll meet again soon.


part of my plan is to not be awake at 5am,let alone exercise. in the past, if i was still awake at 5am, it usually meant it had been a looong night of debauchery. although i miss debauchery as much as anyone would, i've decided to see how long i can walk down the trail.

Ruth R. Williams, LCSW

Ahh, balance can be a very good thing to aspire to! :)

Ronna Seibert

Hey I know that 80-something and I have an old home movie of her exercising with Jack Lalanne!

Ruth R. Williams, LCSW

Truly? How fun! Wish I had a movie of my mother and Jack. What a hoot that would be. I most definitely have a mental image...memory. Nice....

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