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July 31, 2010


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robert porcher

Dreams are there for the taking. Reach out and hold on to to your imagination and never let your dreams go.

Ruth R. Williams, LCSW

It is intriguing to explore the meaning behind our dreams. I have a stack of dream books at home (of course I have a favorite or two that have evolved through the years). Now with the internet, it's easy to check out some of the possible meanings of your dream by simply clicking on some website. Fun...and often revealing! One website to try is http://www.dreammoods.com.

robert porcher

I never try to interpret my dreams. I do wonder when i awake in the middle of a dream as to how it would have turned out. Not sure if i want to know why i'm falling or why i'm in public with no clothes on.

Ruth R. Williams, LCSW

In the last couple of nights I had both a dream of falling (in a car, at a very fast rate of speed down a hill filled with trees) AND of flying.

Personally I enjoy the flying a whole lot more! And I was able to intentionally wake myself up from the falling one - didn't want to hit the ground in that one!!

Sometimes, dreams are just plain fun - and sometimes basically imaginative adventures. Not all are filled with symbols revealing deepseated issues (at least based on what I've read, etc.). There are so many layers and levels - just like waking life!!

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