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November 12, 2009


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robert porcher

The pursuit of more stuff cetainly is a cause of stress. We think we need more and better things than the other person has. In order to get more stuff, we get a second job or better paying job(if one can found) with the end result we cause more stress for ourselves and have less time to pay attention to what is truly important-our familyship. The question we need to ask ourselves is very basic. Do we spend more time pursuing stuff/things or more time with the people we love? I would think the answer is obvious.

robert porcher

One way to reduce stress is to simplify our lives. We seem to be preoccupied with the glamorous people and envious of their wealth. Why? I am far from glamorous or rich, but i am surrounded by my family and friends. My life is richer because of them. In many cases material wealth, does indeed breed contempt. I prefer to be loved(even with all my faults) for who i am as opposed to being superficially loved just for my material wealth. It certainly helps make it easier to deal with stres.s

Ruth R. Williams, LCSW

My whole career...and basically my whole life, I have been all about helping folks deal without assorted stresses in their lives. Way too simply put, greed and wanting to have more stuff and/or continually getting "better" stuff is a HUGE source of stress. That, I believe, is one thing on a whole list of things that need attention in our society.

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